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Handsome vs sexy


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Lightly caressing it. I'm looking for somebody to chat with and share thoughts. Discretion is Hzndsome must Handsome vs sexy a clean of. Seeking LTR Maybe More I am seeking a long term relationship with a kind female. You said we will be best parents.

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Handsome vs sexy

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I'm and I'm pounds, I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and I've got several tattoos but they're all covered whenever I'm wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

But he drives a soupped-up '68 camaro convertible that's a blast to ride in. I won't respond without a of yourself. 37 yr old black hispanic. Were is Mrs Right.


Haha, I pretty much just asked the same question for the same reasons. To me I guess, someone who is really cute or handsome has more potential than someone who is straight hot. I prefer a guy who is sexy as opposed to hot. Sexy, to me has a lot more to do with personality, mannerisms, a vibe or mysteriousness. I have met very few truly sexy men.

Maybe 4 or 5. And handsome, that's kind of like Prince Charming. Fun to look at, respectful, intelligent. Hope I helped a little. I also think one guy can be all of these things to different women. Just depends on their chemistry I guess. I distinguish between the types based on personality, not appearance. Basically, I'll see a person as good looking. If they do something that kinda turns me on - they'll be hot. I don't distinguish between the types in a way that indicates a preference as a potential partner, and the person can be more than one.

Basically, I'd want a guy who is a mixture. I can see exactly where you are coming from. I was just trying to base it off of looks because well However, I agree with you. If someone I see who is physically just okay or ehh.. I'm not saying that looks don't matter, it's just that I don't equate those words exclusively with appearance.

Right, and whether other people realize it or not, neither do they. I would much rather marry a girl who isn't all that physically attractive but yet we mesh together really well. Compared to some girl who is "hot" as can be, and has a good personality, but we don't mesh together all that well in that aspect. That's right - it's all about chemistry. Better "meshing" will make the person more beautiful in your eyes, anyway. Cute is a person that is very nice, delicate, good looking, great personality.

He can have a baby face: I actually think it's the opposite of hot. A hot guy looks older than his age lol I put my profile one some site, saying and no I am not 15 years old. You don't look 15 to me, you look So I said straight up. I'm 21 and people keep telling me that I look like I'm 17!

But when they get to know me God help her -- and possibly you if you're not ready, lol. The drummer usually IS friggin' hot. Attractive in a perfectly respectable way. Dressing up a notch or popping around just after you've showered and shaved might earn you a "Hey, handsome! Does that clear things up for you, Anonymous ? If not, feel free to redirect, lol. Yup, I completely forgot I even posted this until you and the person right under you commented on it today. I appreciate your input, and that's basically how I thought.

Just put in better detail than what I put haha. Cute is good looks plus personality. Hot is really good looks- regardless of what their personality is.

Handsome is looks plus class. That's what I think, at least. P definitely boyfriend material hot - generally has an awesome body and his face is at least OK, but it's probably not as nice as cute's face if they're different guys. I also use it in formal situations when he's very nicely groomed and probably wearing something fancy. I've noticed that girls use all three and lots of synonyms for these words adorable, sexy, beautiful etc.

So basically in your eyes, a hot guy is someone who has one hell of a body but his face This is just me, I don't know about other guys, but being called gorgeous makes me feel too feminine. While handsome makes me feel more manly. If I say a guy is cute, I'm just saying he's attractive. But if I say a guy is handsome, not only is he attractive, but he is also looks mature, strong, and put together. A lot of times, handsome guys are also very sexy in my opinion. Or I could mean that he's ugly now but I know that in the future he's going to be very good-looking.

Not as serious as hot or cute, but very serious if yout in a relationship with the one who says it. Because then it means your both cute and hot. To be handsome you have to have nice looks, class, and a be snappy dresser.

These are all of the descriptions coming from me: That's just for me. I literally just thought of the word, and described the guy I saw. Handsome is a generous, kind spirited kind of guy who acts like a gentleman: I would pretty much say the same as you, except CUTE is for someone who is young, playful, flirty, inexperienced.

However, it can also be used to describe someone who makes you laugh or smile, you get along with, ext. HOT is for someone who might be badass, who has a nice body, and masculine features. Basically someone who might be ideal physically, but often not great in the personality department. As a note, someone who is hot but has a great personality might be considered cute. He is the mature version of cute.

Unlike a 'cute' guy, a handsome guy is someone you might think about doing the deed with, while 'cute', again, is more of a friends thing. Well, that makes sense since I have a baby face despite being in my twenties. In which cases does cute appeal to you the most, in which cases does hot appeal to you and in which case does handsome appeal?

Just an example of what I mean by appeal.. Hot appeals because it promises a steamy romance with hot sex. Handsome appeals because it shows a mature man who can be an equal partner with me. Okay, I can relate same thing for me when it comes to women being cute hot or gorgeous. I think too much goes into trying to differentiate these descriptions.

I would go out with a guy I thought was cute, hot or handsome. I was pleased to see that you recognized that a hot girl is not necessarily a good thing, that she is someone you would want sex with but not a relationship. I think a lot of girls want to be considered hot because they think hot girls get all the attention but they miss out on the fact that it is not the type of attention you would necessarily want.

For girls, though, I don't think we actually think a guy is hot but then would not want a relationship with them. We might think they are a handful and not worth the trouble eventually, but any good looking guy could be too full of himself, even a "cute" one. I agree, anyone can be too full of themselves. Even the completely hideous ones. Also, what I mean by a hot girl is someone I would have sex but not a relationship with, is that she might be too much of a hassle and above my league.

And I personally wouldn't mind getting with a girl well above my league, but that's it. Relationship wise, yeah for a little bit, but more or less a friends with benefits or a fling rather than an actual relationship. If that makes sense. I get hit on by girls from age 20 to 40 and almost every time they open with "Hi handsome" or something close to it. Every single one wanted to crawl into bed with me as soon as possible.

The very few that called me cute, that was pretty much the last I heard from them. The others that called me hot almost always were flakes or crazy. I'm starting to think handsome is the new hot or sexy because of a generational shift in word preference.

Cute is the better compliment, in my opinion. I've never been called hot, and that's fine by me. I was reading comments on youtube of songs I like, and I read on one band, "The lead singer is a cutie" Or " The drummer is hot.


Being a Handsome Man Vs. Being a Hot Guy | Family Friendly Daddy Blog

That's all I meant. I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings and I didn't think twice about it. I am sorry for my moment of insensitivity. And how do you know the people are lying when they say you're cute?

Why don't you believe them when they say that? Don't you think you're gosh darn awesome? Self confidence is more important than anything else. Have you ever seen She's Out of My League? You should watch it. But please do forgive me: I was never made or angry. I was just saying if someones gonna say something at least mean it. I never believe anything people say I could be called Hot and I would bust out laughing until I start throwing up.

No trust me I'm not anywhere near awesome. Self Confidence only works if your good looking no woman wants an ugly guy with it. And yes I've seen the movie that's why its a movie things like that never work out in real life.

And there's no reason for you to be sorry or sad. I don't mind being called handsome. Sexy I think should be left to describe women only, but that's just me. I really like when I'm called hot. I hate being called "handsome. Just feels like courtesy more than anything emotional. Most guys, myself included could care less what you call us, but only that you call. Handsome is nicer, I guess, because it implies that the personality is attractive as well. A girl telling me"you look goooood" with amazing intonation is a sure winner for me lol not too extteme and not too formal.

They like it more when they are doing it and you say "wow, I love you and take " his name". Guys do you prefer to be called handsome or sexy? Why do guys change? Do women even care about men? Does my gap tooth make my smile very ugly? What Guys Said I just want the villagers to stop throwing rocks and food at me. I'd rather be handsome in general, but sexy to my girlfriend.

Ya please call me handsome or sexy that would be great. Damn right arobb95 and don't you forget it ha ha ha. StarShipRecon , Apr 3, Apr 3, 4. My gf says I am handsome lol. She says it is because I have a manly face.

Oct 27, Messages: Apr 3, 5. MixMasterRace , Apr 3, Apr 3, 6. I'm not sure what I am.. Apr 3, 7. Apr 3, 8. Apr 3, 9. Apr 3, Hot would be the nicest because it means you have the facial "WOW" factor, but handsome I'd say is better. A handsome man ages better than a hot one. Nov 10, Messages: I got downright eye-molested every morning with the descriptor "cute". Quiet girls with big eyes are scary.

Cute can go different ways. I've only heard that from family, so yeah. Black-Sarevok , Apr 3, Handsome is better as a word used by a girl when she's describing you to her friend s and you're not around, as opposed to being a direct compliment. All the girls who have called me cute gave me the impression they pitied me.

Nov 15,  · Hot = Very sexy. One can be hot without being handsome, beautiful or cute. Handsome = Having classic, defined, usually square, masculine features. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Handsome/hot is much more put together, well-dressed, and conventionally attractive. When I think of cute, I think of a younger guy who's still figuring out his shit. When I think of. Jul 26,  · Is there a difference between being cute, handsome, and good-looking? (If I follow back and they can DM me) or they send me links to their profiles on sex sites. I've been in a monogamous relationship for thirteen years and would never cheat. Lots of twinks are cute but not really hot or handsome; a handsome man can be .