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Seek woman to teach me Rock Springs plants

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In , Stanley Roy Archer departed Jeffrey Town, St Mary, and headed to England, then seen as 'greener pastures', to earn an honest living to take care of his family. He ended up being caught in the rip-stream of what became known as the Windrush Generation. Archer would go on to serve in the British Military after being in England for two years, making him eligible for enlistment. He was subsequently posted in Cyprus, but his heart was always in Jamaica. He was unable, however, to escape the shocking social injustice and racism that marked the typical British life during that time, explaining that it was difficult being black in England as they were often viewed as equal to dogs in certain places.

There were some physical fights that had to be fought, and black people could not venture down certain streets because of serious racism. Those were some of the things we had to put up with while there," Archer told The Gleaner. To prove citizenship, Archer produced his passport, still in immaculate condition, issued on September 17, , and signed by Colville Montgomery Deverell, the colonial secretary at that time. It was wretched for many of us, but we worked hard," Archer recalled.

It was so depressing; it was so uncomfortable until I ended up in the military service. They called it the national service," he said. He said that Jamaicans who went to England during that period, and successive generations, had no proper documents and that passports, which were issued under the authority of the Crown, giving them citizenship, meant nothing.

They had no status. They were just another body. Even now, I can tell you that persons wishing to go to university are being turned down because a search through their family background revealed they had no documentation of citizenship after so many years," Archer disclosed.

I could not understand what the Windrush Generation meant because it was before some of us went to England," he said. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Stanley Roy Archer, 'Windrush' passenger-returning resident, shows a picture of him in the army in , at the vice-chancellor's forum on the Empire Windrush held at the UWI, Mona campus, on Tuesday.

Archer is standing on the left in the picture.


Ask, Seek, Knock Sermon by Derrick Tuper, Matthew -

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How are the working hours? Wood Group - Rock Springs, Wyoming. Mechanical Journeyman Shop PacifiCorp 92 reviews. Many species of wildlife find this a desirable place to inhabit and rear their young including predators such as bobcat, coyote and possibly cougar.

Care should be taken when exploring the area. This is the list and goes from high to low the number of people in each nationality: Superior itself was strung out in a large area. The population dropped off considerable after that last census. This was probably due to the closing of various mines, but the people were optimistic with the new D. Clark Mine and general improvements in the town. The beginning of the end of Superior can be seen in the census. South Superior, although its figure was less than half of the census figure, was not affected as much by the closing of the mines since they had always been less dependent upon the Union Pacific.

The coal camp was a picture of democracy in the action for here; all nationalities worked and planed harmoniously, each, in their own way, contributing to the formation of a new culture. The history of Superior, City of Hills, is the story of coal and of men. Morgan Griffiths and a party of prospectors set out from Rock Springs to prospect in Horse Thief Canyon, where it was known that deposits of coal existed.

The party traveled 20 miles to the point where outcrops of a promising coal deposit had been reported. The small party pitched a main camp of three tents in the canyon and began surveying for new sites. By there were more than tents composing the camp. Many of them held whole families who were anxiously waiting for the opening of the mines which promised to be rich in the greatly needed ore.

Commissionary wagons from Rock Springs made periodic visits to the camp. In good weather it took a full day by buckboard. From the surrounding hills, the tents looked like a large field of white. The canyon was named by the early settlers, who claimed that a gang of outlaws had made this a hiding place for stolen horses.

Gus Paulson was in charge of the field work. The Union Pacific Coal company pitched tents in the canyon to use as the main camp. The coal mined in was 12, tons; this had risen to , tons in when the Superior Coal Company was merged with the Union Pacific Coal Company on May 1, In the production was , tons.

In the production had increased to , tons. This amount was produced by one mine working two or three days a week. At one time there were five different coal mines in Superior. In , two more mines were opened here. They were Premier and Copenhagen. Clark Mine, it was also the last coal mine opened in Superior. Clark Mine was named in honor of D. Clark who did so much to pioneer coal mining in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Washington.

This new mine was modern in every respect. Clark came to the properties in , while serving as bookkeeper for the Wyoming Coal and Mining Company; his office was located in Omaha. From then until , he held many positions with the Union Pacific Coal Company.

From to he was assigned to special duties. From to he served as Superintendent of the Union Pacific Coal Company; from to he occupied the position of Vice President and General Manager, returning in He then moved to Towanda Pennsylvania, where he resided until his death on November 21, Copenhagen was another camp within the Superior city limits. The house and buildings were put up and owned by the Rock Springs Fuel Company. There was a mine office, bath house and homes for the families of the men that worked in the Copenhagen Mine.

There was no business section in this camp. The tipple and mine was very close by the camp. For many years Frank Gates was the Mine Superintendent. On October 24, the Copenhagen Mine Tipple burned. There was total destruction to the tipple and screening plant.

The coldness of the winds sweeping down over Superior high lands during a substantial portion of January fully justifies the young people of the Superior calling it almost anything they might see fit.

However, we will assume that the translation is a thoroughly respected one. In when Miss Doyle was in charge of the paper and Margaret Ruth Richardson was the editor-in-chief, a change was made in the annual.

It had always been named the Kabibonokka the same as the monthly newspaper but in it was given the name of Dragonette. This name was used until it was no longer published after The Union Hall was built in and competed in the fall of The building was paid by its initiators, the Union Mine Workers of Superior.

The Union Hall celebrated its inauguration in December The Union Hall is a three story structure built of solid brick. The front side of the building stands on Main Street of Superior. Its appearance has some decorative features that resemble the time when it was built.

On the highest and center of the building, there is an emblem that has the letters U. United Mine Workers of America. Long windows cover the front wall of the second floor as an entrance to the upstairs. The building was meant to serve the community in many ways. The upstairs was a big room with a state, and it was used for dances and union affairs. Every Saturday the Union held meetings in the mornings and dances in the evenings.

The hall held an average of three hundred people during the dances. The front side of the second floor was sub-divided into two offices. The left side was a dentist office and the right side was used for a private office. The left side of the first floor was designed for a hospital. The right side of the first floor was a grocery store. The basement was used as a parking lot that held from fifteen to twenty cars. The basement was converted into a bowling alley.

In the mines closed down and the Union Hall died with the town. One of the most important uses was that of a basket ball court for the Superior Dragons, who did not have a gymnasium of their own.

The large area, the dance floor, was more than enough for the exciting games. The enthused throngs crowded onto the stage and sidelines to watch the thrilling games, against A class teams, such as Rock Springs, Rawlins and Kemmerer. The play by play account was broadcasted from the belfry tower which overlooked the entire building. In the Opera House became known as a roller skating rink. It was run by Earl and Bob Pittam. The Opera House met its final day on January 7, at 1: The starting of the fire was the electric wires in the roof.

When the air got to it the whole building when up in flames. The Opera House was too far gone to try to save. The heat was so intense that it melted TV antennas and scorched buildings around it. The Club House was built next to the Opera House, was completed in This building was used for scouts and for other meetings. Many of the ladies entertained their card clubs here. Public card parties that were sponsored by organizations or class sponsored were held here.

Many of the young girls had their Bridal Showers in the building. The facility had to be cleaned up by the people renting it. Starting the building on April 14, with 14 helpers, Gust had made the three storey buildings into a basement garage, confectionery and boarding house. All the walls are two feet thick and it occupies 19, cubic feet of space. It requires 18, cubic feet of heat. I hauled all the rocks myself with a wheelbarrow from the top of the camp. The largest rock I hauled weighed pounds.

The whole structure weighs tons. These men took back with them a picture of the building which was placed in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. Gust Thomas was born in Ellas, Greece. In he was made a Member of the Y. In his spare time, Gust played the fiddle which he made. Gust says he also writes life histories of different people and had written of them since He also had a candy shop there. Although the average temperature is 42 degrees, the thermometer sometimes records 20 degrees to 30 degrees below zero and soars to degrees in the summer.

Seasons are really three rather that four. The Wyoming summers are so short that spring merges into fall. The altitude of Superior is feet above sea level. The wind blows sometimes sixty miles an hour. The most helpful of the winds is the Chinook, the warm wind which melts the snow. Yet because of the high altitude, days of sunshine, and low humidity, even the coldest days, are not know to be uncomfortable.

Contributed from various issues of Kabibonokka. Instead, education in Superior had its origin in with about three private homes which provided schooling for children ranking from six to eleven or twelve years of age. In early Superior the horse and wagon was the chief means of transportation. The commissary wagons made periodic trip from Rock Springs.

It required an entire day to drive by buckboard and mule team from Rock Springs to the camp. It was not unusual in winter time, when the commissary was overdue, for the prospectors to shoulder their shovels and find the buckboard struck fast in a snow drift.

Sometimes the men worked for hours before they could clean the trail sufficiently for the rig to reach camp. About plans were laid for the construction of a railroad from Thayer Junction on the main line to Superior. A depot was built, which had an office, freight room and agents living quarters. The railroad was used for the transportation of freight and coal from the mines and also for passengers.

If a person from Superior desired to go to Rock Springs, he usually had to stay over night so it was a two-day trip. People live not only to work and make money, but to enjoy pleasure and recreation and culture as well, and the people of a mining camp are no different in this respect than those of other localities. Superior had a membership of in Thirty-two nations were represented in the membership from this region. Some of the nationalities were: So you can see that this nation is a Melting Pot of the nations.

The company wanted the people to enjoy life and have a community spirit and participation as well as working for them. The company and residents were integrated to try to make life as enjoyable as possible. A Community Council was formed in January and the aim was to promote all phases of neighborhood work including recreational, social, musical, civic and charitable.

It was their desire to foster anything for the good or good-time of the community. Numerous saloons and dance halls added to the recreational facilities of the town. The first Union Pacific Coal Company store was established in The first building in South Superior was the Combination Saloon. It was built in In a dry goods store called Flecher Cohen was established. This place was in a tent before it was located in South Superior. Next came a bank called the First Bank of Superior.

These two banks ceased to operate after the depression. In and a drug store and The Crystal Theater were established. The Crystal Theater was opened in It was operated by Mr. The films were silent and the pictures were accompanied by music being played on the piano. One of the earliest pianists was Mrs. In order to be a winner, you had to be present at the drawing.

Each Friday there were two showings of the movies and between the first and second showing a name was drawn as the winner. If you were not at the first showing but had a ticket and were in the lobby waiting for the second showing you could be the winner.

The Union Mercantile was established in was first owned by Joe Berti and John Bertagnoli until it was incorporated under the name of Union Mercantile. The first manager was Eugene Bertagnoli.

Stanley Roy Archer, 'Windrush' passenger-returning resident, shows a picture of him in the army in , at the vice-chancellor's forum on the Empire Windrush held at the UWI, Mona campus, on Tuesday. See also Dottie Rambo discography. This is a list of songs written by the American gospel songwriter Dottie wrote over songs throughout her lifetime, and many have been recorded by hundreds of artists. THE DESERT IS A WOMAN By Fran Fanning The desert is a woman. Those who do not take the time Your biting plants and animals teach me how to respect others; Please take a moment to read through these rules and policies before participating in the forums and Desert Talk services hosted by DesertUSA. By participating in our services you are.